The Mission of the Company is to provide agency services with responsibility and consistency within a specific timeframe and budget cost.

The Vision of the Company is to expand its supplied agency services within a Greek and International level.


Target goal of the Company is:

  • To provide reliable services towards its Customers
  • To complete requested services safely and within a given timeframe
  • To constantly improve the image and organization of the Company
  • To increase Company’s sales by extending its clientele base
  • To continuously improve the procedure and quality of provided services through       the application and cultivation of the Quality Control System

In order to succeed in all the above, the Company’s Board and Employees,

Affirm their Commitment to the below principals:

  • Excellent internal communication within the Board and its Employee committee
  • Selection of professional members and their continuous training
  • The reliability of partners and suppliers of the Company with repeated monitoring of their evaluation
  • Consistency on, interval period and financial responsibilities in the services provided
  • Improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the Company
  • Continuous cogency and results based on the Quality Control System procedures
  • Monitoring of the Quality Control System framework of indicators which is subject to systematical review

Pursuing Excellence

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Creating a bond is a start. Working together is development. Remaining together is success.

Vision. Knowledge, Responsibility and Innovation. Based on these four core principals, R.J.D. is your first choice shipping services partner.Providing leadership and innovation in global levels by delivering a flexible portfolio of services built on quality,safety,honesty,vigor and commitment  to long term business relationships.  R.J.D. is a solid, reputable and financially sound company  with a long standing reputation in Greek shipping. arrow